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SecureFrame (TM) - Photoluminescent map display encasement with Brushed Black solid aluminum frame

Durability and security are the hallmarks of the SecureFrame. Featuring an all-around solid aluminum construction, the Secure Frame provides maximum protection for displayed emergency information.

Contents are securely contained within a removable top frame which locks into place via screws and allows easily switchable graphics when graphic or information contents updates are needed, while a thick, solid aluminum frame surrounds and lends support to the sides.

The SecureFrame also features illumination and customizability. Users can be assured of the enhanced visibility of emergency information through a high-glow photoluminescent coated back panel and a customer specifiable lens which can be either anti-glare or crystal clear.

The SecureFrame’s sturdy construction boasts a long-lasting, high-quality performance which ensures the protection of content integrity and offers users flexible and reusable display functions. Brushed black, brass, or silver color options provide added elegance to complement any current interior décor.


Short Description :

Interchangeable Graphic Display - Aluminum Frame construction, with Anti-Glare front protective acrylic lense. Equipped with High-Glow photolumincescent Illumination back panel in display area. Equipped with heavy-duty screwed on frame enclosure to deter vandalism. Low profile design with elegant Brushed Black frame color. Dislay dimensions : various dimensions available,   Display unit can be installed via screws or mounting tape.

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