No evacuation floor plans in your building? No problem!

Send us your Building Blueprints or current evacuation floor plans for our evacuation plan specialists to transform into well-designed, code-compliant, beautiful evacuation floor plans!
  • Professional Evacuation Floor Plan Design

    We hand-craft custom evacuation floor plans that are tailored for your site that are safe, functional, code-compliant AND beautiful.

  • Custom Sign Production

    We produce high-quality map displays in Acrylic, Aluminum, and Sintra/PVC map displays, to provide a clean and professional addition to your interior decors.

  • Code Compliant

    We ensure your maps meet ALL local and regulatory requirements.

  • Worry and Hassle-free

    Let us worry about the design and code requirements, enjoy beautiful and functional evacuation floor plans without the leg work!

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Why choose us?

You need maps that meet specific requirements

Do you need evacuation floor plans that meet any or all of the following requirements:

  • OSHA
  • Upcoming audit/inspection
  • Insurance (COI)
  • Occupancy permit
  • ADA
  • HMBP (Hazardous Materials Business Plan) for California Buildings
  • Fire Safety Drills
  • Emergency Response Plan/FIre Safety Plan
  • Industry Certification Requirements

Do you have current evacuation plans but they were cited as non-compliant?

Does your building currently have no evacuation floor plans and you are unsure what to include in your plans to meet any of the requirements above?

Send us your floor plans, and our evacuation plan specialists will provide you with a same-day quote to design code-compliant maps that meet all your local and regulatory requirements!

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You need maps urgently

Do any of the following situations describe you?

  • You have an upcoming site audit/inspection and have no maps posted
  • Your current maps were cited for noncompliance and you were given a deadline to have them updated ASAP
  • You need maps to renew insurance and the deadline is ASAP
  • You need maps to submit for a specific certification for your industry
  • You need maps so that you can start operating your business and every day your business is not open, you are losing income

Send us your building blueprints or current evacuation plans for a free quote for complete code-compliant evacuation plan design as early as 1 week*

*Please contact us if you need evacuation plans designed in less than 1 week
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You don't want to do the maps yourself

Do you need evacuation plans but you lack the desire, time, skill and/or expertise to do them yourself?

Do any of the following situations describe you?

  • You were asked to develop evacuation plans but have no idea how to get started
  • You have been designing the maps yourself but you are finding it frustrating and too time-consuming
  • You have too much on your plate and want someone to design the maps for you
  • Your current plans are outdated and you need them updated so that your building's safety procedures can be up-to-date
  • You're not confident that you can design the maps to meet all local and regulatory requirements
  • You feel your current evacuation plans are not safe, not easy-to-read, not attractive and fail to meet your company's quality standards or branding

Send us your building blueprints or current evacuation plans for a free quote!

Let our evacuation plan specialists develop, design and deliver fully code-compliant evacuation plans to you, to save you time and allow you to spend your time on higher priority items on your daily to-dos.

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You don't know how to do the maps

Are you unsure what needs to be included into your evacuation floor plans?

Do you have questions about the following aspects of your evacuation plan:

  • where and how many plans to post in your building
  • what fire safety equipment to include
  • how best to mark emergency assembly points (EAPs)
  • what emergency instructions to include in your plans to match your emergency procedures
  • how to designate and plot safe egress pathways
  • best practices for adding you are here indicators
  • proper font height of verbiage to meet OSHA/fire department requirements
  • whether to include general building safety equipment (shutoffs, electrical equipment, smoke detectors, toxic waste)
  • proper size of the maps to meet OSHA/fire department requirements
  • what symbols/icons to use to ensure universal adherence to all local and state guidelines
  • what features to include to meet ADA standards
  • if maps need to be bilingual
  • whether maps should include braille
  • what colors are acceptable for the map design
  • Etc

Request a quote for our evacuation plan specialists to take the guess-work out of designing evacuation floor plans and include everything that needs to be in your maps to be safe and code-compliant!

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You are concerned about the safety of your people

Are you worried about the safety of the people in your building during emergencies?

Do you want to help ensure people are able to evacuate your building as quickly as possible to minimize injury or death in any of the following situations:

  • Fire
  • Active shooter
  • Natural Disasters (Earthquakes tornado etc)
  • Hazardous material accidents
  • Any other dangerous situations

Request a quote for evacuation plans that are customized to your building's emergency procedures and include custom egress mapping to help the people in your building get out quickly and safely.

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You want high-quality maps that are professional and best-in-class

Would you describe your current evacuation plans as any of the following

  • "unprofessional"
  • "confusing and hard to read"
  • "not up to your or your company's standards or branding"
  • "chicken scratch"
  • "too busy"
  • "a child's drawing"
  • "a visual nightmare"

Request a quote for evacuation plans that feature best-in-class design elements for maps that are easy-to-read, code-compliant, and custom crafted to your brand to look beautiful on your walls.

Be proud to display safe, beautifully designed evacuation floor plans that compliments your building's interior decor and branding strategy.

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You need maps for multiple buildings

Do you own or work for an organization that has multiple locations across the U.S?

Were you tasked to have emergency evacuation mapping developed for some or all sites for your organization but:

  • You have no experience developing evacuation plans and have no idea how to get started

  • You are not able to have the plans developed in-house due to lack of funding, time/ knowledge/expertise/experience/skill of your in-house team, logistical challenges, etc

  • You need plans up for the buildings as soon as possible for internal audits/fire drills/ new safety policies put in place by your organization

  • You need plans up for the buildings as soon as possible to submit for external regulatory requirements such as an upcoming audit/inspection by the Fire department, OSHA, insurance, occupancy requirements, ADA, CERS, industry certification etc

  • Your buildings have been occupied for some time, and you are concerned about the safety of your building occupants during emergencies without evacuation mapping

Help! I need plans for multiple buildings!

Do any of the following situations describe you?

1. You have absolutely NO evacuation plans for any of the sites across your organization 

2. You have existing evacuation plans for some sites but are struggling with any of the following situations:

  • Your existing plans for some or all sites are outdated

  • Your existing plans show inconsistent information across sites

  • Your existing plans are not code-compliant with all local and regulatory requirements (OSHA, fire department, insurance etc)

  • Your existing plans decrease the safety of your building occupants (confusing and hard-to-read plans may increase evacuation time during emergencies)

  • Your existing plans are poorly developed (hand-drawn, developed on word/paint/excel/powerpoint/publisher, etc)

  • Your existing plans are on a poor-quality medium (paper maps, laminated paper maps posted instead of professional signage)

  • Your existing plans reflect poorly on the organization’s brand image

Our team has worked with hundreds of large organizations since 2014. We strive to attain consistent and high-quality evacuation mapping for our multi-site clients, while customizing the plans to match each organization’s standards and unique brand identity. Get evacuation plans that are consistent, professional, code-compliant and meets/exceeds your organization’s standards!

Receive evacuation plans that are:

  • Professionally designed and high-quality
  • Standardized and consistent for all sites
  • Adhere to all local requirements (including OSHA, ADA, fire department requirements etc)
  • Adhere to your organization’s safety standards
  • Adhere to your organizations brand image (marketing department)
  • Adhere to your organization’s interior décor standards
  • Tailored to your emergency plan procedures
  • Tailored to your organization's branding guidelines
  • Printed onto long-lasting, attractive and professional signs

Request a quote today, and let our expert evacuation plan specialists develop beautiful evacuation plans that are standardized across all the sites in your organization.


    Send us:

    • Your building blueprints
    • Your current evacuation floor plans
    Email them to or Request quote below to get started
  • Evacuation_plan_design_custom


    During the design process, our evacuation plan specialists will:

    • Guide you on what your maps should include
    • Check your local code requirements to ensure your maps are safe and up to code
    • Work with you to ensure your maps are up to your company's brand image and standards
    • Work with you to include custom emergency information to optimize the usability of your maps

    PDF map files:

    • Receive beautifully designed and safe evacuation floor plans in PDF for you to print out and post up!

    Elevate your plans with our professional sign displays:

    • Sintra/PVC
    • Acrylic
    • Aluminum

    Signs will be delivered right to your door and ready to mount in your building!

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  • Compliance Experts

  • Detail-Driven

  • Aesthetically-pleasing

  • Tailored to Your Needs

  • Speedy Support

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Testimonials & Reviews

Celebrate the Success Stories: Hear What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say!

" The maps that we commissioned were made to our professional standards, as well as to fire code. Each map is made so that visitors at the museum can read them easily. The process with the company was easy and communication back and forth was wonderful. " - L.P.



"Highly responsive, fast and knowledgeable. Made the process very easy." - Anonymous



"The company is very thorough with details, making sure your maps are correct and compliant. The finished product looks great!" - Shawn Q., OneSource Distributors



"Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this project. Our team is very grateful for your work. Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout this entire project. It’s been a pleasure working with you."

- Lauren C., City of Santa Ana Public Works Yard

  • "Maps look great by the way! Great job!"

    - Nathan W., Hyundai

  • "Wow! These maps sure are coming along and look so great! I really appreciate all the corrections and quality."

    - Kelly D., J.G. Boswell

  • "Thank you for all your help with the maps, they look great."

    - Peter C., Best Western Premier the Central Hotel

  • "All looks good – we are hoping to move into the space by next month and these maps are key in allowing us to do so!"

    - Matthew R., One Health

  • "Thank you for the update and for the gesture of an extra sign if needed down the road - it’s appreciated!"

    - Zach D., Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space

  • "We got the beautiful new maps installed in the classrooms. Thank you again for you and your team bringing this project in so we could get them up before school begins."

    - Douglas G., Waldorf School of Orange County

  • "The Oakland FD approved the last revised maps (see attached). Thanks for all your help to get to this point."

    - John N., Three Steps Properties

  • "Thanks so much for all the work on this project!"

    - Emma S., Sonder

  • "Maps are well made and offer a great solution for emergency response."

    - Chris R., Peloton



  • "Rapid response and very understanding throughout of the process."

    - HHLI



  • "I appreciate you guys for taking the time to do quality work."

    - David L., Alvarado Care Center

  • "I am pleased with the final product."

    - Latisha F.

  • "Thank you for the quick turnaround on the final couple of changes."

    - Kate, Tri-County Head Start

  • "Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this project. Our team is very grateful for your work."

    - Clinton N., Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula

  • "I am completely satisfied with the maps. You have my full approval to print and send final copies."

    - Dontravis W., Proud Source Water

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"Our experience with the Evacuation Map Store was exemplary, chiefly due to Mia's exceptional guidance. Her attention to detail ensured our maps were not only functional but intuitively designed. From start to finish, Mia's professionalism and dedication shone through, making the entire process seamless. For top-notch evacuation plans that prioritize clarity and precision, I wholeheartedly recommend the Evacuation Map Store, and especially Mia's expertise."

- C.N. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Trustpilot

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