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MagFrame (TM) - Photoluminescent Illuminated map display encasement with Magnetic enclosure

The MagFrame offers users a refined canvas to display emergency evacuation information. Displayed information is cradled within a streamlined construction, featuring a discrete 1/8 inch frame which augments and maximizes the visibility of displayed information, lending a melded and seamless finish to the product.


An anti-glare, high quality acrylic lens protects displayed contents, while an easily detachable top frame allows effortless insertion and removal of materials. Contents are secured within an instant with a specially designed magnetic mechanism that snaps the frame back into place, quietly and discretely leaving any openings indiscernible.


The MagFrame beautifully encases contents within a lightweight, all-aluminum, brushed silver backdrop and frame, combining a sleek, simple and timeless design with effective and functional display technology.


Display dimensions : various sizes available.


Installation : High strength double-sided tape included for installation.

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